Saturday, July 5, 2008

Doing the Vacation Thang

I just realized that I am about half way through our family vacation. If you're keeping score, we started about 14 days ago - and I have about 13 left. It's amazing what a little time of R&R can really do for the soul. And get this - the church is still doing great!! Imagine that. In fact, you know that you have confidence in your staff and volunteers when you actually forget what day it is on your vacation. In other words, I have been soooo comfortable lounging around and getting reconnected with my wife and kids that my mind has not had to drift back to church life but on what I should have for breakfast, lunch, and supper instead.

However, like an astronaut, I am beginning to turn the ship toward earth again, and I'm looking forward to my time back down on this marvelous planet. God has so many amazing things planned for Willowbrook in the next few months ahead and I can't wait to be a part of it!

See everyone really soon!

PS - get to church this Sunday and hear Joel Nelson. This guy is on a HNL (Hole Nudda Level) when it comes to giving a stud-muffin Life Talk Message!

B- Rad